The Weeper

I’m intrigued by the impending mortality of things not alive, and that is what this painting is about.

All things must pass, as George Harrison once sang. But what of the things that can’t die, as we understand death? Imagine existing for such a long time that you saw not only the rise of great civilisations, but their ultimate demise as well.

In this painting the planet’s sun is dying. Life, for the most part, has perished. But a civilisation once strong and mighty built a massive statue to boast its greatness. Although that civilisation has long since been forgotten, one sole relic of its grandeur has continued to exist all the way until the ‘end of time’. As the sun slowly fades, so has the will and beauty of the statue; it has grown weary, tired of standing straight and proud for nothing and no one. Very slowly its posture has crumbled, wilting with sorrow and despair. Now, as the world falls into eternal oblivion, so does the statue weep…

Oil on canvas, 16x8. 2014.

Oil on canvas, 16×8. 2014.

All images © Pauline Papp, 2014. Do not use without permission.


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