Ontario’s Ocean

(…Well, one of them, anyway.) The always beautiful Lake Huron. Who needs the Caribbean when you’ve got this?

Note: This has been painted over. I was quite unhappy with it after looking at it for a few days, and so I decided to change it. Always room to improve, and truth be told, I’m not too sure what I ever saw in this one. It’s rather flat and boring and ugly. The new version can be seen here. I’m keeping this here to show my development. :)


Oil on canvas, 16″ x 16″.

Do not use my art without permission. See disclaimer above or below.


7 thoughts on “Ontario’s Ocean

    • Thanks!
      I live right by Lake Ontario now (but am moving soon!), and grew up by it as well. I prefer Huron, though… sandy beaches, beautiful sandbars, best sunsets in the world… ah, heaven!


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