I’ve always thought one of the most terrifying (and unlikely!) things a person could experience might happen while scuba diving.

Imagine: You are diving alone, the waters are dark, and from somewhere you hear the lonely call of a blue whale.  Where is it coming from? A blue whale’s song can be heard from hundreds of kilometres away. It seems to be growing louder, but can you truly be certain? Surrounded by the ocean’s murk, you can only see so far. And then, suddenly, emerging from the shadows, there it is, the mammoth blue whale, the largest creature to have ever lived on Earth. Its mouth is open wide (there must be krill nearby)…

After imagining this for years, I woke up one Saturday morning with this image flashing behind my eyelids; excited, I got out of bed and set about to work.

All images © Pauline Papp, 2014. Do not use without permission.


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