Harbord Fish & Chips

Sick and tired of -40 degree windchills, frozen water pipes, drafty window cracks, three pairs of socks, icy walkways, and snowfall after snowfall after snowfall, I decided to remember something called summer. Glorious summer! This is a cute fish and chips shop right around the corner from old house when we lived in Toronto. I almost forgot winter while I sketched this out… almost.



Since there’s a fire escape in it, it also qualifies as another completion in part of my 642 Things to Draw challenge!

Do not use my art without permission. See disclaimer.


2 thoughts on “Harbord Fish & Chips

  1. That is so lovely and quaint and the way I remember old Toronto – quirky little buildings – lots of 19th century architecture – the city is so sterile and overbuilt and ugly now. Block after block of glass towers creating wind tunnels and shadow. Those were the days


    • Well, that’s why we love our neighbourhood so much. It stays the same — the core of it, anyway. Down on College they’re throwing up all these condos now, and on Bathurst too. But our neighbourhood still has that distinct charm and culture, both of which we love :)


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