Remember When the Music


Pastel, 9″ x 6″

This is a tribute to one of my favourite musicians of all time, the great Harry Chapin. Not only do I love almost every song he wrote, but so many of them take me back to my childhood in some way that makes me feel really happy inside: driving to a soccer game (or anywhere, for that matter); painting the front hallway with the stereo cranked up; lazy summer afternoons on the back deck; Pops cooking supper; whistling the intro to Dreams Go By with my brother as we tried so desperately not to laugh (for some reason we thought it was hysterical, an inside joke I am no longer privy to)… the list could go on and on. Many of Harry’s songs, to me, are classics through and through. I think he’s one of the most “unknown” great musicians among music fans of my generation, which is such a shame. Singer, songwriter, and a wonderful storyteller… one of the best!

Note: I had copied a black and white image of him for this, so I don’t know if the facial tones are correct or not… I did my best to match what I saw. Hope it looks okay!

Do not use my art without my permission. See disclaimer.


5 thoughts on “Remember When the Music

  1. I still remember seeing him and his brothers at the old Riverboat in Yorkville after his concert at Massey Hall. They played til 2 in the morning. His music was his life. “Oh if a man tried to take his time on earth And prove before he died what one mans life could be worth I wonder what would happen to this world. ” July 16 1981 was a very sad day.

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    • Less than one month before I was born. I was never alive to breathe the same air on Earth as either Chapin or Lennon, and yet I feel I’ve got intimate connections to both of them, for no other reason than they simply live on through their music.


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