Pastel, 9″ x 11″, 2015

We were given a bouquet of sunflowers as a housewarming prize when we moved into our new home (our first home!), and they looked quite striking against our newly-painted orange wall (which I’m unashamed to admit I’m in love with). Naturally, I didn’t want them to die, so I snapped a quick photo and then set about on my best attempt at replicating the bouquet, using soft pastels. And la-dee-da-dee, here they are! The “protective spray” ending up taking off quite a bit of the pastels, unfortunately.

This hereby marks my first piece of completed art in our new home!

Do not use my art without my permission. See disclaimer.



4 thoughts on “Sunflowers

  1. I just LOVE this painting Pauline!! The feeling in the sunflowers is fantastic! They are just bursting with life. They remind me of a Van Gogh. Wonderful work, and what a great way to capture the feeling of housewarming. Thanks for sharing these. Wish I could see them in person. ~Rita


  2. Awesome sunflower painting Pauline – love those flower heads and the natural feel of the arrangement. Beautiful work! They look great on the wall, looking forward to seeing more of your paintings.


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