The End II

Here’s a quick revisit to a painting I did back in 2013. I’ve altered a few things — some changes I prefer to the original, while certain others I’m still unsure about.

The idea that first inspired this painting has to do with my ongoing fascination with the idea of infinity and an ending… impossible, of course, but quite mind-bending as well. What I like to imagine is the expansion of infinity into something else, whatever that might be. It’s hardly an original thought, but it’s nevertheless a provoking one. This edge — made up entirely of these blocks (clouds and sky too) — represents an end, but a conscious end. Why not keep going, continue building into the unknown? Draw that edge deeper into the nothingness of the great beyond, and so on and on and on and on…


Oil on canvas, 12″x12″ (2013 & 2015)

Do not use my art without permission. See disclaimer.


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